Family Values

Our mission is to redefine a new world of the baking community and combined commerce in ways that will transform the future of the industry.

We are building a people centric, collaborative marketplace that will redefine and innovate shopping experiences well into the future. Our knowledge of a powerful world pushes us to commit to everyone who visits our platform.


We hope to travel together as a family with continuous better experiences with our employees, our community and all of our members.

Transforming With
Family Values

We are dedicated to our family

Our time is spent to support our family and help them grow and build strong, resilient teams.

We support cleaner living

We care about the environment which is why we aim to work with what we only need

 and encourage our family to do the same

We are diverse

Our members are from all walks of life, making us stronger together.

We lead with innovation

We focus on constant education, for ourselves, our employees, our community 

and our members.

We are a family

We believe together as a family. We inspire and achieve and celebrate together.

Transforming With Principles

The findbakers family market is a new economy for talented culinary crafters to sell their treats in a local, national and global market. The market is filled with treats loving consumers that are ready to uncover the world of talented bakers

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